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The Danish Life Science sector has for many years been a lead contributor to world class research, drug development and medical products, producing overall growth for the society. In fact, medical products are the single largest export category in Denmark, so Life Science related business is important. To ensure this growth in the future the need for talents, that can keep the wheels spinning, is the number one priority every Life Science business has.

Elite Search Life Sciences is a Copenhagen-based search and sourcing company dedicated to help clients with their scientific talent sourcing needs. Using comprehensive research and sourcing methods, and staying updated with the latest tools and technologies, Elite Search Life Sciences is the wise choice when sourcing brilliant scientific talents to any sector.

What is scientific talent?

A candidate with a science related education background and with outstanding performance in his or her career, is considered to be a scientific talent. This could be a chemical engineer, medical doctor, chemist, biostatistician, pharmacist, biologist, public health specialist, dentist, lab technician, process engineer, biochemist, nurse and other related backgrounds. Most commonly the candidates have a master´s degree or Ph.D., in some cases it could also be a bachelors´s degree.

Elite Search Life Sciences is rooted in the scientific world and regularly attends Life Science related summits, events, network meetings and other live gatherings where talents are present. Elite Search Life Sciences therefore has the network, knowledge and expertise to find and engage these talents from mid - to senior level management as well as specialists with a scientific background.

Why choose Elite Search Life Sciences?

100% Life Science

A unique concept with 100 % focus on sourcing scientific candidates. The searchers are educated within natural sciences, which is a strong asset in candidate screening.

Professional sourcing

Get longlist and/or shorlist compiled by professionals that work with sourcing on a daily basis and have undergone advanced training.


With a strong connection to the scientific world, Elite Search Life Sciences is present at events and gatherings where network with potential candidates are built.

Solutions that complements your own efforts


The longlist is the result of the search process and gives a total list of potential candidates for a position. Usually between 20-50 names can be provided depending on the availability and complexity of the profile. The longlist is delivered with contact information.


The shortlist is the candidate slate on which all of the applicants are considered to be a match to the job. Extensive phone screening has been conducted from which a description of the candidate is compiled and presented along with the CV and application.

Recruitment counseling

For clients that need counseling on their recruitment projects booking a consulting session is also possible. An hourly session fee is charged.

The proven method gives clients


Customizable research and sourcing solutions adapted to any recruitment process saving time and ressources


With a background in Life science Elite Search provides insight, information and trends from the market


A dedicated project manager to guide and advice throughout the process with updates and comprehensive reports

Are the solutions made for you?

If your company is in the Life Science category, which includes Pharma, Biotech, Medtech, Chemicals, Agriculture, Food & Ingredients, Healthcare and CRO/CMO, and you are looking for a talent sourcing partner that can find, engage and deliver candidates with a scientific background, then the solutions provided here are tailormade for you. You can also represent a non Life Science company, but you wish to employ a scientific candidate, then the solutions are still made for you.

Elite Search Life Sciences works as an external talent sourcing partner to HR, delivering longlist or shortlist depending on the demand. By outsourcing the research part of the recruitment process more time and ressources are gained, and HR can now focus on doing other crucial tasks.



Every assignment is solved in full confidentiality and any information is only revealed if it has been agreed upon beforehand.

GDPR compliant

The processes are GDPR compliant and candidates are in complete control of data usages.

Impartial & trustworthy

  • Elite Search Life Sciences acts as an advisor to the client and candidate and does not represent any 3rd party. Business is conducted in full integrity.

Work with Elite Search Life Sciences and get 100% specialised searchers working on your projects giving back your time and reducing costs on your recruitments.

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