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Welcome to Elite Search Life Sciences!

This is a search firm and talent advisory company specialised in finding key employees to critical positions in your life science business.

Using my background as a biochemist and 5+ years of experience in the search industry I help you build your business, talent by talent.

My vision is to give the danish life science industry a new and better alternative to search and headhunting of scientific talents.

In my new e-book “HR: 5 things you need to know about your next headhunter to ensure ROI” you get an exclusive 5 step guide on recruiting the right headhunter.

Why you should choose Elite Search Life Sciences

100% Life Science

You engage with a search partner that only works with talent sourcing in your industry

Knows your business

With a scientific background your search partner understands the core of your business

Smart solutions

Depending on your need, you can choose between a shortlist or a full recruitment process.

The benefits for you


A search partner specialised in your industry will be perceived as trustworthy by candidates and will engage more easily

Effective search

More effective matched candidates because their qualifications are better understood

Freed ressources

Free up time and ressources by outsourcing time consuming search and recruitment tasks.


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