Intelligent sourcing methods to fill your critical roles

The most attractive candidates do not apply for jobs anymore. You therefore rely on your recruitment teams to find high-quality talents. But sourcing is a set of special techniques that is very different than recruiting, which most teams do not master completely. 

At Elite Search Life Sciences sourcing skills are regularly updated with new tools and insights through courses, participation in relevant network groups and litterature.

In todays ultra-competitive market it takes more time, effort and ressources to find and engage the smartest people. By leaving the toughest part of the search to specialists, your HR team can direct their focus on selecting and assessing candidates.

 In many instances, a recruitment project can be a confidential matter internally in your organisation. In that case, an external search agency can be a valuable advisor and business partner.

A candidate is more than a resumé

The purpose of the screening is to find the candidates that qualifies to be on the shortlist. Two in-depth phone interviews are done to get a good impression of the candidate. 

Ussually only phone screenings are conducted, but often a skype call is also made in order to get a better impression.


Four things are screened for. General qualifications, specific qualifications, cultural fit and potential red flags.

A combination of structured and informal interview techniques are used, which gives the best results in terms of judging the candidates overall match to the wanted profile.


Once the search process has started a weekly progress report is sent to the client. The presentation of lists and progress reports are done over phone meetings where the materials have been sent prior to the call and is always accompanied by thorough explanation. At the calls any relevant information about the search and candidates is shared.

 Along with the shortlist, a detailed report over each candidate is compiled to create an overview of the list. You choose your preferred candidates from the shortlist and proceed with the rest of the recruitment process with your own HR team.


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