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The shortlist is the final candidate list on which all of the applicants are considered to be a match to the job.

Only phone screening has been conducted. 

The CV´s and applications are collected by Elite Search and will typically contain 5 to 8 names. The shortlist takes around 5-6 weeks to compile.

Full recruitment cycle

When you decide to fully outsource the recruitment process to Elite Search, every step of the process is handled for you. After the initial start up meeting, a search strategy is outlined for you. Once approved, the search starts with weekly updates on the progress.

The CV´s and applications are collected by Elite Search and presented with a candidate report on each person.

A personality test including feedback is conducted with each candidate, and the results are shared in the candidate report.

Physical interviews are conducted with each candidate before they are presented to our clients.

Once the right candidate has been selected, Elite Search handles all rejections, so you can concentrate on proper onboarding for your new employee.



Research consulting

Before starting a research or sourcing project it is advisable to collect as much information as possible on issues that can have an effect on the outcome of the sourcing process. Elite Search offers specific consulting about the scientific candidate market and for this service an hourly fee is charged. 

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