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Usually longlist is preferred if the client has the time and ressources to be more involved in the selection process. When a longlist is delivered, all candidates from the entire search process are identified and listed. On this list any candidate could potentially fit the role. It is the client’s responsibility to proceed with the longlist and interview and select those who should be transferred to the shortlist. 

The longlist can contain somewhere between 20 to 50 names depending on the complexity of the role and will under normal circumstances take about 5 days to compile.


If the choice is to fully outsource the research process then Elite Search will do all of the searching and screening and finally creation of the shortlist. The shortlist is the candidate slate on which all of the applicants are considered to be a match to the job.

The CV´s and applications are collected by Elite Search and presented with a detailed feedback report on each candidate, giving the client an overview of each person’s qualification. The shortlist will typically contain 5 to 8 names, and ussually takes 4-6 weeks to compile.

The next step for the client is now to interview and assess each candidate in their own process.


Research consulting

Before starting a research or sourcing project it is advisable to collect as much information as possible on issues that can have an effect on the outcome of the sourcing process. Elite Search offers specific consulting about the scientific candidate market and for this service an hourly fee is charged. 

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